Hello Kitty Bed Sheet Set (Queen Flatsheets) = SOLD OUT

Hello Kitty Bed Sheet Set Queen

  • Material: Cotton
  • Hand washed or machine washed
  • Soft

Do uncomfortable sheets keep your children up at night? Do they toss and turn for hours in bed at night, unable to fall asleep? All that is about to end with the Hello Kitty Bed sheet Set, guaranteed to put your child’s uncomfortable situation at bay.
Clean It Well Always be sure to clean the sheets at least once a week for maximum comfort with no damage done. Because the material is made to either be hand washed or machine washed, either is perfectly fine for the sheets so long as it is being dried with low heat, so it will maintain the shape and finish of the sheets

Queen-sized measurements:
– Flat bed sheet: 220cm x 225cm x 1pc
– Quilt cover: 150cm x 200cm x 1pc
– Pillow case: 75cm x 45cm x 2pcs

RM 150SM/RM155SS

Termasuk postage (SMS/Whatsapp 0123312030 for order ya)

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