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Cadar Pengantin Ropol (Queen Sahaja) CK2 – SOLD OUT –

Set Cadar Pengantin Queen Putih ** satin n lace RM249.90 SM RM279.90 SS (Postage RM15 SM, RM25 SS) set kandungan: 1helai cadar beropol dan berquilting 2helai sarung bantal beropol dan berquilting 1helai sarung bantal peluk beropol dan berquilting 2helai sarung bantal kusyen beropol dan berquilting  ********************************* Whatsapp 0123312030 cantik kan? marilah tempah 1 Read More »


Queen and King SET CADAR COMFORTER PENGANTIN SILKY JACQUARD 9PCS MATERIAL : FAUX SILK Sleep is something everyone needs, but many don’t get enough. From a good night’s rest to power naps in between the day, get enough quality sleep in luxurious comfort daily. Chester 9pcs Silky Jacquard Comforter Set is a classy way to add elegance and charm to ... Read More »

Elegant Wedding Bedsheet (sold out)

Elegant wedding Bedsheet king/ queen > tribute slik jacquard fabric > embroidery pillow sham > pleated design bedspread,European style > good quality zipper, easily closed/open Queen Size HARGA : RM370sm/RM380ss 1 Duvet Cover 200cm*230cm ( 79″*91″) 1 Flat Sheet 250cm*250cm ( 98″*98″) 2 Pillow Shams 48cm*74cm ( 19″*29″) King Size HARGA : RM390sem/RM400ss 1 Duvet Cover 220cm*240cm ( 87″*94″) 1 ... Read More »


LUXURY Wedding Bed sheet Queen Rm290 via kurier Skynet via kurier sem. ss add rm20 1 cadar flatsheet 2 pillow case 1 quilt cover without filling Flatsheet tu cotton Quilt cover jenis jacquard preorder 1-2weeks ya order>> PM/whatsapp/sms 0123312030 (pn. Asida) Read More »


Cadar pengantin satin Kod CPS 01- COLOR GOLD, CREAM, WHITE,GREEN & MEROON isi kandungan: 1 cadar ropol 153cm x 192cm 2 sarung bantal 46cm x 71 cm 1 sarung bantal peluk 106cm x 37 cm 2 Sarung Kusyen 40cm x 40cm HARGA pasaran rm 390 Jual rm 190 + postage 15sm/20ss whatsapp 0123312030   Read More »

Cadar Pengantin2014 ~ SOLD OUT ~

Set cadar pengantin ready! Gold n brown. Pwb 01-001  Material jaquard Harga RM480 Postage rm 25 sm/35 ss whatsapp for order. TQ PWB 01-002 & PWB 01-003 Cadar pengantin ready stock! 6pcs RM280   Read More »

Cadar Pengantin Satin ZCD 322 – SOLD OUT –

Satin ZCD 322      Set Kandungan: – 1 helai cadar satin queen – 2 helai sarung bantal – 2 sarung bantal kecil – 1 sarung bantal peluk Harga pasaran: RM 580 HARGA KINI: RM 380 free postage!! berminat sila email ke: asieda82@gmail.com SMS 012-3312030 kod: ZCD 322 Read More »

CADAR PENGANTIN ~ sold out ~

Cadar Pengantin ACP HARGA  : RM119.90 POSTAGE RM10 SM, RM15 SS SET KANDUNGAN: 1 Helai Cadar Satin Organza 2 Helai Sarung Bantal 2 Helai Sarung Kusyen BERMINAT BOLEH ISI FORM TERUS / EMAIL asieda82@gmail.com / SMS 0123312030 ************************************************************************* Cadar Pengantin ACP 2 HARGA  : RM159.90 POSTAGE RM10 SM, RM15 SS SET KANDUNGAN: 1 Helai Cadar Satin Organza 2 Helai Sarung ... Read More »