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Mesin Jahit code 505 (OMI / XMA / GLOBAL)

Mesin Jahit Kod 505 (Purple/green/White)

Sewing machine 505 Purple

  • 8 different sewing options
  • Work light
  • Compact & lightweight

Sewing has never been easier and it’s all thanks to the OMI Mini Sewing Machine 505. With its user friendly operation and efficient design, the 505 is a great buy for anyone looking for a sewing machine that will get the job done fast and proper. So get your very own today and sow away! 

Multipurpose Function

Boasting 8 stich functions, the 505 has the ability to do almost any stitching or repairing of your fabrics. Selecting your desired stitching is also incredibly easy with just a quick twist of the dial to the corresponding numbers. The 505 also comes with a reverse stich function which allows you to further reinforce the beginning and end seams. 

Work Light

Sewing needs a good eyesight when it comes to precision stitching, therefore the 505 provides a work light located just above the sewing needle to help illuminate your sewing. It’s also great when you need that extra light while working with no so favourable light conditions. 

Portable Sewing

The 505 has the ability to go full portable running just on batteries so you can literally start sewing anywhere, anytime. Besides that, the compact and lightweight design of the 505 makes it so much easier to bring it around and store as well.

  • 1 x Mini Sewing Machine 505
  • 2 x Thread spools
  • 2 x Metal bobbins
  • 1 x Needle
  • 1 x Foot pedal
  • 1 x AC adaptor
  • warranty card

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mesin jahit kod 505 Hijauomi sewing 505

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Global Machine GMS 505

Double thread

Automatic thread rewind

Adjustable stitch width

Hand switch or foot pedal operation

8 built-in stitch patterns

Powered by AC or 3A batteries

mesin jahit global 505


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